INDIE Live Expo II Program Info

The Indie Live Expo Board is proud to announce the latest info on the second Indie Live Expo. The first event was held on June 6th, 2020, and scored over 7.3 millions views worldwide.

Featuring even more titles than the last event (over 150)!
This time, Indie Live Expo will be introducing even more titles than before (over 150). On top of information on a slew of titles which will be announced for the first time anywhere, the program will also feature the latest updates on a wide variety of popular indie titles, and more.
Additionally, the winners of the Indie Live Expo Awards will also be announced during the program. The nominees will be announced soon, after which we will begin accepting votes from the public.

■Date: November 7th, 2020 (sat.) 18:50~ (JST)


  • Japanese language broadcast: Hisanori Yoshida (Nippon Broadcasting System), Shunji Mizutani (PLAYISM), waiwai
  • English language broadcast: Atsugiri Jason, J-mon
  • Chinese language broadcast: Kenshiro, Seigai Kou (Flyhigh Works)
  • Guests: Masatoshi Tokuoka, Dainashi
■Streaming Platforms

■Program Contents

  • INDIE Live Premiere
    Introducing specially selected indie game title announcements and the latest info, such as updates and release dates. At the previous event, titles such as Craftopia and Nimbus INFINITY were announced, creating a large amount of buzz.
  • INDIE Waves
    Introducing over 150 indie titles entered from around the world.
  • INDIE Live Expo Awards
    Announcement and presentation of awards to be given to especially amazing indie titles selected via public vote and our selection committee.
    Special Awards Page:
    *Nominees will be announced shortly, after which voting will begin.
  • Indie Studios Around the World
    Masatoshi Tokuoka offers commentary on the indie market of various countries throughout the world. For this second installment, he will be focusing on Sweden.
  • Live Performance
    Once again, popular drummer Dainashi is back for another awesome drum performance.

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