INDIE Live Expo Letter Signups are Open, Debut Newsletter Unlocked for All Second Edition Coming in August

INDIE Live Expo Letter, the newsletter for developers and publishers to help promote and develop their games, has opened signups and is soliciting feedback. This publication is from the organizers of INDIE Live Expo (ILE), the digital showcase connecting indie game fans globally that has highlighted more than 800 new indie titles and gained more than 29 million views across three shows.

As revealed during INDIE Live Expo 2021, INDIE Live Expo Letter aims to provide developers and publishers with news on ILE and other industry events, along with valuable industry advice and promotion opportunities. Game creators seeking to receive the second edition of the free newsletter can sign up now ahead of its August debut.

The second edition of the newsletter contains information on INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021 registration, the impact of the event with feedback directly from participants, and other industry opportunities set to debut in this newsletter. Those who took part in INDIE Live Expo 2021 in June and wish to share their feedback can submit their feedback to this survey( for potential inclusion in the newsletter.

The first edition of INDIE Live Expo Letter is now available on the ILE website for free(, with future editions exclusive to those who sign up. The newsletter contains INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021 details, a recap of June’s INDIE Live Expo 2021 with analytics on the event and its growth, which earned more than 10.7 million views. It also features guidance for optimizing event selections and why the selection committee did not select some entries.