We await your support of
the Indie Game Culture.
The INDIE Live Expo has been held with the help of many companies.

The INDIE Live Expo Board is looking for companies and organizations who can sponsor INDIE Live Expo

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please refer to the following, and fill out the form.

Sponsorship Plan ※ex.

  • Logo Sponsor
    Logo placement on the official website and during program
  • CM Sponser
    A plan to air 2 slots of 15 sec commercials or 1 slot of 30 sec commercial during the program

※We have other sponsorship plans available, please contact us using the form for more information.

Benefits of Sponsorship ※ex.

■ Logo Publication
  • Publication on Official Page
    The company logo will be displayed on the official INDIE Live Expo website, and the name of the sponsor will be introduced.
  • Publication on End Credits
    During the end credits, the company logo will be displayed and the name of the sponsor will be introduced.
  • Introduction of Sponsors during Program
    The company logo will be displayed at the opening of the program, and the name of the sponsor company will be introduced.
■ Introduction of Game Titles & Services
  • Commercial Slots
    In between the program sections, we will show commercials that promote the game title or platform.
    If they are game-related commercials, they can be aired. The viewing retention during commercials are high, and the number of simultaneous connections do not drop.
    As a general rule, the location and time of the airing cannot be specified.
    *There will be a screening process for the videos before they can be aired.
  • Game Introduction Page within the Official Website
    In conjunction with the sponsorship, the games introduced in the program will also be introduced on our official website.

※We can also propose sponsorship plans to meet your needs. For more information please inquire through the form.