INDIE Live Expo


Game information submission has been closed.

We are honored to have had a great number of submissions from everyone.Thank you for your participation.The game information submitted will be reviewed first, then decided to be shown in stream on 2021/June/5.

■Application Deadline

2021/04/19 (Mon) 16:00 (JST)

■Application Guideline

In order to introduce the game in the program, we need video files, text information, game materials etc. Please prepare the following required materials/assets/information, and fill out the form.

The information and materials you provide will be used in the selection process, and as in the sample picture below.

  • ①Game name
  • ②15sec Video
    ※In case of smartphone apps, the video will be placed vertically according to the video format
  • ③Information you would like to announce
  • ④Release date
    ※If the game is already out, it will be stated as early access, etc.
  • ⑤Supported platforms
  • ⑥Notation of rights
  • ⑦Is the footage a “work in progress” or not.

※Please note that formats are still being adjusted and the placement and elements are subject to change.

Please provide materials/assets/information that can be publicized.

We can accept past introduced games if there are new informations such as: a big update, out of early access, DLC announcement etc.

If you are contracted with a publisher, please check for legitimacy before applying.

If there is an overwhelming number of entries and we find it difficult to introduce every game, the INDIE Live Expo Board may have a selection process for the games that will be introduced in the program. At that point, new titles will be prioritized. Thank you for your understanding.

After submitting the information in the form, an automated reply email will be sent to the address you have entered.Please make sure that your email client can receive emails from addresses with the “” domain name.

The INDIE Live Expo Board may contact you directly when needed.

Entry (Game information submission) here

Important note regarding file submission guidelines

Please check the guidelines below and prepare accordingly. We may edit files by trimming or resizing to fit the program. We will review the submitted information and materials to decide if they can be introduced in the program.

  • 1. Game Information Materials
  • └Please prepare materials (text/pictures) that show genre/player number/estimated play time/game content/ and summarize in txt,docs,pdf,pptx etc.
  • 2. Key Art (or something equivalent as a picture)
  • 3. In Game Screenshots (At least 3 pictures)
  • – Please prepare iPhone X / iPhoneXS size (1125×2436) pictures for smartphone titles.
    – If you are entering with tabletop games, provide photographs of the package, board or some items which will explain the game instead of screenshots.
  • 4. A 15sec video file
  • Please follow the format below
    – Resolution: 1080p (1920×1080) *iPhone X / iPhoneXS size (1125×2436) for smartphone titles
    – File format: mov or mp4
    – Recommended bitrate: 20Mbps or higher
    – Frame rate: 60fps or 30fps *The video will be shown in 30fps.
    – Please provide video footage of game play that will best show game system and the overall concept without captions.
    – The video will be used in a sequence of a slide or directly shown.
    – Audio may not be used but provide the ingame audio in the video.
    – Videos may be shown looped in the show.

  • Please refer below for folder creation and placements.
    Please rename the top-level folder in the【】accordingly as stated below.
    If you have no data for certain folders, e.g. Logo, please make the folder as specified and create a file “nodata.txt” and place it in the folder.
  • ・Folder name
  • 【Organization/Group Name or Creator Name】_【Game Title】
     ∟ 1_Game info
     ∟ 2_Key Art
     ∟ 3_In Game Screenshots
     ∟ 4_Trailer
  • Please have the URL of your files downloadable until a day after the INDIE Live Expo 2021 which is 2021/06/06 16:00 (JST)
Entry (Game information submission) here