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*These information about contents of the program can be changed.

Get Ready for INDIE Live Expo

People around the world are currently cut off from one another due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Game industry shows and events have been canceled, and we’ve been deprived of invaluable opportunities to congregate and communicate with each other directly.
However, we believe that now more than ever is the time to promote friendship, fellowship, and enthusiasm through the medium of video games.

INDIE Live Expo will be held here in the Far East island country of Japan and streamed to all of our friends throughout the world who love indie games.
Our program will feature information on not only Japanese indie games, but indie titles from a wide variety of other countries as well.
Our goal is to create a livestream for the purpose of facilitating new experiences, friendships, and discoveries for people around the globe.

We will be broadcasting live in Japanese, English, and Chinese, and are also currently searching for partners who can assist in providing support for other languages as well.
Our goal is to bring in 1 million viewers worldwide, and to produce a show worthy of those numbers.

Through this livestream, we hope to enlighten as many game lovers as possible with regard to the rich history of indie games in Japan, which has been going strong since before the global indie game movement.

GAME FREAK itself - well known for the Pokémon franchise - was purely indie.
The Fate franchise, popular throughout Asia and North America, was born from the mind of a "doujin" scriptwriter.
ZUN, the mysterious and enigmatic developer who has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, continues to develop his works on his own to this day.
However, very few Japanese people are actually aware of these creators' respective histories.

In the Western world, innumerable indie game creators have been pumping out their own legendary works.
We feel that now is the time to spread the word about the amazing game culture Japan boasts.

Recently, throughout both the West and Asia alike, the video game culture has continued to grow.
Despite various obstacles, games across the world continue to excite and attract new gamers.
Some creators feel that they themselves are still in the early stages of their development.
We believe that this huge movement will have an impact all over the world.

Our number one hope is to overcome the divide caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
With that, we are proud to announce the birth of the INDIE Live Expo - an event in which we can come together, encourage each other, and feel a true sense of friendship and love for games.

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Event outline

There will be a special concert of songs from "UNDERTALE" and "Touhou Project"!

Celebrating the appearance of special guests, ZUN of "Touhou Project" and Toby Fox of "UNDERTALE", an original medley of their masterpieces will be performed.
Dainashi, a popular rock drummer, will play it and liven up the live stream.

Drum Player: Dainashi

Drum Player: Dainashi

One million viewers worldwide, in Japanese, English, and Chinese

INDIE Live Expo 2020 will be streamed live with cooperation from a wide range of media outlets and streamers around the globe.
We aim to reach an audience of 1 million viewers throughout the world in order to promote both awareness of and excitement for the latest products from various indie game creators.

Get the latest info on the indie game industry

INDIE Live Expo is set to deliver the latest information on both published and not-yet-published indie titles.
We will also be presenting discussions and presentations on masterpieces of the indie genre for newer gamers as well as our own carefully selected recommendations.

Personal messages from game creators

Creators with close ties to (and love for) the indie scene will be broadcasting their personal messages.

- ZUN (Touhou Project)
- SWERY (CEO for White Owls Inc. )
- Kazuya Nino (TYPE-MOON studio BB)
- Shuhei Yoshida
(Head of Indies Initiative Sony Interactive Entertainment)
- Jenova Chen
(Co-Founder and Creative Director of thatgamecompany)

Mini-game development contest "Eva Game Ogiri"

We will hold a mini-game development contest whose subject is "Evangelion" to share the joy to create games with people around the world.

  • Date

    June 6th, 2020 19:50-23:00 (JST) (*Subject to change)

  • Streaming

    YouTube Live / Twitter(Periscope) /
    Twitch / bilibili / Niconico Live

  • Organizer

    INDIE Live Expo Board

  • Host


  • Special Sponsor

    Why so serious, Inc.

  • Cooperation


INDIE Live Expo Board

We are an organization composed of volunteers working together toward the goal of increasing player awareness with regard to indie games.
This committee was initially established by Ryu’s Office – a company providing marketing solutions under the banner of “making contributions to video games“ – in order to create the INDIE Live Expo event.
INDIE Live Expo 2020 constitutes our virgin outing with the cooperation of PLAYISM, owners and operators of the PC game platform of the same name, and publishers of indie games and related products under the motto “Bringing a different breed of indie game to the world". Why So Serious? Inc. is acting as special sponsor and collaborator in planning for the committee. In addition to these three organizations, several other companies will also be offering their support in the production and execution of this event.


We finished accepting applications for the live stream on June 6 because of the deadline.
We are currently recruiting sponsors in order to keep INDIE Live Expo an ongoing event.

1. Information about your games

We are looking for companies, teams, and individuals who are willing to give a presentation about their games, both published and unpublished, on INDIE Live Expo 2020.

2. Sponsors

Only information pertaining to indie games or indie game players will be accepted.
Please contact us by midnight on May 31st, 2020 (JST) if you are interested in any of the above options.

3. Gifts for viewers

Gifts for viewers such as download keys or physical game software would be greatly appreciated.
These gifts will be used to gain as many viewers as possible.

4. Streamers who can simultaneously broadcast our livestream with commentary

If you would like to simultaneously broadcast our livestream, please contact us at the below address.
You are welcome to do commentary in any language you like on your stream, on whichever platform best suits you, and this offer is open to both companies/organizations and individuals alike.