10.6 Million Views Worldwide! “INDIE Live Expo II” Introduced Titles & Award Winners

Held by the INDIE Live Expo Board on November 7th, 2020 (Sat.), “INDIE Live Expo Ⅱ” was broadcast to the entire world (Cooperation: RYUSOFFICE).
As with the first event, the program was broadcast simultaneously in Japanese, English, and Chinese, and garnered over 10.6 million views worldwide.At the end of the program it was announced that the third iteration of the event, “INDIE Live Expo Ⅲ”, would be held in 2021.

■Surpassing the first show with over 10.6 million views worldwide!

“INDIE Live Expo Ⅱ” was broadcast simultaneously in Japanese, English, and Chinese.In addition to our official streaming platforms (YouTube, Periscope, Twitch, bilibili, Niconico), we also enjoyed the cooperation of streamers and media partners in various countries providing support broadcasts as well. The event was also broadcast on Steam, on which linked sales were also made available, and which helped push the number of worldwide views up to 10.6 million.

■Over 230 articles published worldwide

On top of introducing a large number of games as well as announcing a slew of new titles and release dates, we partnered up with a variety of domestic and international game media outlets, who helped spread the word, resulting in over 230 articles published on “INDIE Live Expo Ⅱ” around the world.

■Listing all the titles introduced at “INDIE Live Expo Ⅱ”

In response to requests from viewers of the first event, we have published the full list of 186 titles introduced on “INDIE Waves” and “INDIE Live Premiere”.
INDIE Live Expo Ⅱ Title List

■INDIE Live Expo Awards announced - Hades takes Grand Prize

The respective award winners for the “INDIE Live Expo Awards” - selected by user vote and our Awards Selection Committee - have been announced, with Hades chosen to receive the Grand Prize.

INDIE Live Expo Awards Grand Prize


The other award winners can be seen below.

Local Cultural Representation Award

This award is given to a game that portrays the creators culture and shows the charm and history of their home.

Chinese Parents

Best “Game Feel” Award (*Awarded to two recipients)

This award is given to a game which feels lovely to play and you know it is a creation of an artisan.


Lonely Mountain:Downhill

Theme of the Year Award

This award is given to a game which fits the theme of this era that shouts “This game is NOW!”

Not For Broadcast

Best Character Award

This award is given to a game which introduced a character that has that charisma.


Most Stream-friendly Game Award

This award is given to a game that has entertained people through the internet in the form of competitive, coop, couch with friends, a big laugh with multi player or even streaming and let’s plays.


Rules of Play Award

This award is given to a game with groundbreaking mechanics or rules that get you hooked for hours.

5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel