INDIE Live Expo Ⅱ All the Latest info on Indie Games

All the Latest info on Indie Games

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    What is the INDIE Live Expo

    Information program with the newest information on Indie games. The first live stream broadcasted in English, in Japanese, and in Chinese, introduced more than 150 games and watched by over 7.3 million audiences around the world. It is now focused by Indie game lovers all over the world and the second live stream will be on air on November 7th.

    Organizer:INDIE Live Expo Board
    Co-planning:Why so serious, Inc.

    About us: INDIE Live Expo Board

    We are an organization composed of volunteers working together toward the goal of increasing player awareness with regard to indie games.
    This committee was initially established by Ryu’s Office – a company providing marketing solutions under the banner of “making contributions to video games“ – in order to create the INDIE Live Expo event.