INDIE Live Expo Awards

Announcing the winners of the six categories
Game of the Year

INDIE Live Expo Awards Grand Prize

Road 96
Road 96

Most Stream-friendly Game Award

This award is given to a game that has entertained people through the internet in the form of competitive, coop, couch with friends, a big laugh with multi player or even streaming and let's plays.

  • Valheim
  • It Takes Two
  • Among Us

Best Characters Award

This award is given to a game which introduced a character that has that charisma.

  • Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-
  • Death's Door
  • Chicory: A Colorful Tale
  • Haven

Best "Game Feel" Award

This award is given to a game which feels lovely to play and you know it is a creation of an artisan.

  • The Artful Escape
  • Death's Door
  • Jupiter Hell
  • Teardown

Theme of the Year Award

This award is given to a game which fits the theme of this era that shouts "This game is NOW!"

  • Road 96
  • Say No! More
  • Golf Club Wasteland

Rules of Play Award

This award is given to a game with groundbreaking mechanics or rules that get you hooked for hours.

  • Mini Motorways
  • Cookie Clicker
  • Before Your Eyes

Local Cultural Representation Award

This award is given to a game that portrays the creators culture and shows the charm and history of their home.

  • Last Stop
  • Word Game
  • Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin
  • Hot Pot For One

The Awards Selection Committee

Award titles will be chosen by viewer-votes and indie game expert judges.


Q:What are the conditions required for nomination?

A:Only games released between October 1st, 2020 and September 30th, 2021 can be nominated.
Note:Voting for nominees is now closed.

Q:What exactly do you mean by "release"?

・Are Early Access or demo versions included?
A:Yes, Early Access and demo versions are both counted as a "release".
・If a game gets its full release during the authorized period but already had Early Access of Demo version before, can it be nominated?
A:Yes, it can be nominated.
・If a previously released game receives an update during the authorized period, can it be nominated?
A:Only in the case of a major update, such as one which takes a game from Early Access to Full Release, can the game be nominated.
・Can remakes or ports be nominated?
A:They can be nominated only if they contain enough new content to be considered a new game.

Q:Will entry cost anything?

A:No. Creators whose games have been nominated will not be required to pay any sort of fee.

Q:How will the nominees be selected?

A:The Indie Live Expo Board will analyze the general votes and exclude titles that do not fit the ILE Charter and/or the definition of each category. A panel of judges will then select the respective nominees.
Note:Voting for nominatees is now closed.

Q:How will the panel of judges be appointed?

A:The Indie Live Expo Board will select judges who are considered experts in indie games, mainly from our media partners from all around the world.

Q:How will the winners of each category be selected?

A:After nominees have been announced, user voting for each category will begin. Winners in each respective category will be decided by the number of votes received from both users and the panel of judges.

Q:What is the INDIE Live Expo Awards Grand Prize?

A:One game will be selected from among the nominees across all categories to recieve the Grand Prize. The specific features for which creators are awarded in each category are but single facets of what we consider to be the beauty of indie games.
The one thing that we can say for now is that the most suitable game for this prize would be one that seeks to foster the kind of friendship that can help us to overcome division, and - more than anything - serves as a prime example of the "Creativity Unbound" spirit.

What is INDIE Live Expo Awards

We will announce and award indie games of excellence chosen by the general votes and selected judges. Games eligible are; started early access, fully released, had a huge update (includes multiple localization) between 2020/Oct/1st - 2021/Sept/30th.

How to vote

Vote for the game that you think is best suited for each award. You can vote from the form linked below. One person has one vote for each award once a day.
*If we find any fraudulence, votes may be revoked

INDIE Live Expo Awards Charter

Our goal is to find games worth sharing.
This is the very root from which the idea to present these awards has grown.

These awards shall be given to games that are true to the indie tradition,
true to what makes indie games so special.

We have no interest in establishing a clear definition of what an "indie game" is.
We all know that what counts most is not the form of the thing, but the spirit behind it.

This indie spirit is the force that enables what creators strive to express to reach players' hearts.
We like to call it "Creativity Unbound".

Playing games, we can feel the spirit imparted by their creators.
We wish to share the games brimming with this spirit, and experience them together.
With hopes of passing this indie spirt on to gamers everywhere,
we proudly present to you the Indie Live Expo Awards.