Streaming Worldwide on June 5th, 2021 (Sat.)「INDIE Live Expo 2021」Announcement of New TV CM & Event Guests/Speakers!

The INDIE Live Expo Board is proud to announce the latest information on Indie Live Expo 2021, scheduled to be held on June 5th (Sat.), 2021

Just one more week until INDIE Live Expo 2021, to be held on June 5th (Sat.), and we will be broadcasting a TV commercial to advertise the event.
The commercial will feature Waiwai as narrator, as well as the INDIE Live Expo mascot “Lex” – newly redesigned by Shiros.
Additionally, the guest lineup has also been confirmed. This time, we’re proud to be presenting a lineup of participants and speakers even bigger and more glamorous than before who are looking forward to sharing the brilliance of indie games with fans around the world.

<Commercial Info>

We’ve produced a video for use in a commercial to advertise the broadcast of INDIE Live Expo 2021.
The commercial will introduce the event and date and will feature the ILE mascot Lex singing and frolicking over “Independent Simulacrum” – the ILE theme song composed by ZUN – as background music.

The commercial will be narrated by game streamer waiwai (@ABCDYY).
Additionally, Lex himself has been newly redesigned by Shiros(@shin_shiros), who also created some pixel animation for us as well. You’ll get plenty of Lex during the broadcast on June 5th, but be sure to check out the commercial for a special sneak preview.


Comments from waiwai (Narrator)

“This commercial features Lex, for whom I spent two years creating the character, watching my health and weight, and really pouring my heart and soul into it. It’s basically a work of art.”

Comments from Shiros (Lex designer)

“I designed Lex and created the pixel animations! Together with all the games to be introduced, I’m really happy everyone will get the chance to see the super-dynamic pixilated version of Lex.As an indie gamer myself, and as a pixel artist working in the indie game scene, I’m really looking forward to INDIE Live Expo 2021!”

<Latest Broadcast Info>

We plan to introduce even more titles than ever before, with over 300 games appearing!Once again, we’ve got an amazing lineup of guests to introduce some really great indie games.


■Program Contents

  • INDIE Live Premiere
    Introducing indie games specially selected by the INDIE Live Expo Board and all the latest info and announcements!

  • IINDIE Picks
    Introducing renowned indie titles selected by our media partners.

  • INDIE Waves
    Introducing indie games entered from around the world, regardless of hardware or platform, together with videos.

  • Indie Studios Around the World
    Many indie games are created against the backdrop of the specific environment and history of their own respective countries and regions.We’ll be checking out some of the studios in the places where these games are created, and offer new perspectives on “how to enjoy video games”.In this third installment, we’ll be focusing on the Czech Republic.

  • Live Performance
    Dainashi and Shamio will be providing live performances of some great indie game tunes.They’ll be performing a variety of popular songs using the fresh and novel combination of drums and shamisen.

  • Sponsor Corner
    Thanks to contributions from our various partners and sponsors, we’ll be bringing you the latest in video game-related news and information.
  • Turning the World into a “Playground” – Latest Titles from Why So Serious
    Introducing never-before-seen new titles from up and coming creators.
  • A massive library of indie games for you to fully enjoy! What is「Xbox Game Pass」?
    Find your new favorite games on “Xbox Game Pass”.
  • “Kodansha Game Creators Lab” – Now Recruiting 2nd Term Members!
    We’ll pay you up to 10 million yen per year for you to make the games you like!
  • NEW! Digital Key Official Distribution Service – “DIRECT GAMES”
    Introducing titles recommended by “DIRECT GAMES”, the digital key official distribution service launching in Japan this June.

We’ve got several other corners in the works as well.

<Sponsor/Media Partner Info>

Several new companies have joined up as corporate sponsors.The current list of corporate sponsors as of May 27th, 2021 is as follows.

■List of Corporate Sponsors – 21 Companies (as of 5/27/2021)

■Partner Companies/Media Partners – 20 Companies (as of 5/27/2021)

We are still on the lookout for corporate sponsors, partner companies, and media partners. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you or your organization are interested in working together with us!

<Supportive Broadcasts from Streamers & Media Partners Around the Globe!>

In order to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy INDIE Live Expo, we are more than happy to welcome supportive broadcasts by streamers and media partners from all over the world.

The following are some of the streamers and media partners who will be working with INDIE Live Expo 2021 to provide supportive broadcasts.Viewers will be able to watch INDIE Live Expo 2021 via not only the official account livestream, but via your favorite platforms and channels as well.

■List of Supportive Broadcast Channels (No particular order)

■Help us make the best program we can! Now recruiting collaborators for further supportive broadcasts!

In hopes to make INDIE Live Expo 2021 as fun and exciting as possible, we are currently on the lookout for more streamers and media partners. Contact us via the official website, and we would be happy to introduce your organization via the website as well as during the program.
Anyone at all is welcome to put on their own supportive broadcast. If even the slightest bit interested, please be sure to send us a line!

<INDIE Live Expo 2021 Event Overview>

■Event Name:INDIE Live Expo 2021

■Time/Date:June 5th, 2021 (Sat.) from 18:00 (JST)~

■Streaming Platforms

More streaming platforms will be added later.

For the latest info, please check ourofficial website , Twitter, and Weibo feeds.