Results of the investigation regarding the title information display, during INDIE Live Expo 2021 INDIE Waves

We would like to report the results of the investigation pertaining to the title information displayed during INDIE Live Expo 2021 INDIE Waves segment, which we announced on June 7th on our INDIE Live Expo official twitter account.

■Investigation Report

1.Titles that, after the INDIE Live Expo Office rechecked, were confirmed to have errors:4 Titles,

2.Titles where we received prior requests via e-mail or other means, to change the registered information, but were not reflected in time for the broadcast:3 Titles,

3.Titles where we could not confirm differences between the registered content and aired content, but were requested to change upon contacted for the investigation:5 Titles,

■Process of correction

We have edited the INDIE Waves videos then contacted and shared them with each exhibitor.
We have re-uploaded the updated INDIE Waves summary video to our YouTube channel.
These can be checked through the URL below the titles above.

We sincerely apologize to our viewers for the incorrect information we provided. We at INDIE Live Expo have taken this incident extremely seriously and will make improvements to prevent such mistakes and misunderstandings from occurring.

In addition, for some titles introduced during the event, the promotion or publishing for certain platforms are limited depending on the exhibitors.
For this reason, we do not provide the full list of supported platforms for every title.

■Future Measures

INDIE Live Expo is an online event that started in June of 2020 and for it to become this big in just a year is all thanks to the entrants and the viewers.
At the same time, managing over 300 games by hand has become a difficulty.
For this reason, we are considering the implementation of a system and workflow that will allow us to manage information more accurately for future events.
More specifically, we would like to perform the following,

  • Implementing an automated system to prevent human errors.
  • Formulate a comprehensive display format, including exhibitor information.

We will continue to make improvements to ensure that exhibitors are able to use the event as a place for promoting their products and services.
Thank you for your continued support of INDIE Live Expo.