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The contents of the first issue are as follows,
・INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021, date confirmed & entry registration starts
・INDIE Live Expo: Post event report
・INDIE Live Expo: Hints to utilizing the show

Date confirmed for INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021

 It will take place on 2021/November/6th(Sat)
 We have also started accepting entry registration for entrants.

※Caution: We will start notifying the full entry registration to ones that have registered for the pre-entry registration first.

 Please see link below


INDIE Live Expo 2021: Post Event Report

We would like to report on the results of the "INDIE Live Expo 2021" held on 2021/June/5th.

▼A total of over 10.7 million views

Total of 3 languages 10,739,792
・Japanese stream 6,983,592
・English stream 2,474,721
・Chinese stream 1,272,479
※Includes views from various official platforms,
simulcasts, archives and clips

By focusing on PR in the English-speaking region, the number of views, including those of the simulcasts, increased significantly.

▼Percentage of views by age for YouTube stream

In both the Japanese and English, the number of views from the ages of 25 and 34 increased.

▼Transition in the number of views by age group on YouTube stream

Compared to previous years, the number of viewers aged 35 and older increased for both the Japanese and English versions.

▼Percentage of views by gender for YouTube stream

90% are male in the English version.

▼Transition in the number of views by gender on YouTube stream

Compared to the past, the number of male viewers increased for both the Japanese and English versions.

▼Twitter reactions
Including the effects from the campaign during stream, the trend in Japan hit the second highest for the #INDIELiveExpo
Many tweets were also posted referring to game titles introduced in the program.
※Yahoo! Real-time search results based on keywords related to each title.


How to utilize INDIE Live Expo

The INDIE Live Expo Office wants to offer tips and techniques for you to make better use of INDIE Live Expo to promote your game.

▼Pros and Cons of INDIE Live Expo
Pros: A great opportunity for your game information to be seen by a large audience.
Cons: Not a lot of time or amount of information available.

Which means・・・
INDIE Live Expo can be the first point of ignition for a boost.
The ignition starts at the event, then expanding the information on the internet outside the show at the same time, you can achieve a greater promotional effect.

▼Specific tips for use

1.INDIE Live Expo: Information submission
  Focus on game play footage to make the game more recognizable and easy to understand.
  Depending on the game genre this can be difficult, but non-verbal images are more effective because the program is shown in three languages: Japanese, English, and Chinese.

 ・Release date and other schedules,
  Include content/schedule that makes it easy for viewers to take practical steps.
  e.g., launching game or pre-order store opening on the day of INDIE Live Expo.

 ・Game description,
With the immense number of genres in this world,
You have to determine what or which part of your game stands out the most,
And try to write that aspect in a concise sentence.
If the text is linked to the video, it will give more impact.

2.Once you have completed submitting the information,

 ・Preparing and sending press releases
  Since there will be a lot of information about games at INDIE Live Expo, there is quite a good chance that people will see your game while looking at other titles of interest.
Prepare a press release and send it to the media beforehand so that you can acquire more exposure at the RIGHT TIME.

 ・Mentions on Twitter, stream comments, etc.
  During the event, there will be many comments by viewers in stream or people tweeting using #INDIELiveExpo. Utilize comments and hashtags to gather more recognition in your timeline.

3. Join the steam sale!

  At INDIE Live Expo, to positively impact the game sales for the titles participating, we plan a sale event for every show, e.g. INDIE Live Expo sale on steam.
  We will notify you when the occasion arises, so please consider joining the sale.
  The sale event directly increases the sales of your game and also results in higher exposure.

▼Other precautions
・Read the terms and conditions /regulations carefully
There were several titles that unfortunately could not be introduced due to reasons that do not depend on the game content, but reasons such as video specifications not being followed, or incomplete submissions.
Since the INDIE Live Expo is still a one-year old event it is possible that there will be changes in requirements and conditions for optimization, in the future.
So please be sure to read the application guidelines.

Reference:Reasons for titles rejected at INDIE Live Expo 2021

The video or files did not meet the specifications specified in the regulations
(Incomplete or missing data)・・・ 64.3%

Did not provide the required information correctly through the form
(Incomplete or missing information through forms)・・・ 8.9%

Already introduced in past INDIE Live Expo events and no new information was available
(Title already introduced)・・・ 3.6%

Contains content that violates the terms and conditions of the broadcasting platform, such as mature content and gore
(Sensitive content)・・・ 8.9%

Request to withdraw due to development delays, etc.
The INDIE Live Expo Office deemed it inappropriate to introduce in the event
(Other)・・・ 14.3%

In the next issue and after, we will report on measuring the effectiveness of the INDIE Live Expo.

How was the actual promotional effect of INDIE Live Expo?
We will present information directly from the exhibitors at INDIE Live Expo 2021.

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