INDIE Live Expo 2023 Begins Developer Submissions Today Until March 28th 11:59

The INDIE Live Expo Board is pleased to announce that it is now accepting entries for games to be introduced on INDIE Live Expo 2023, which will be held on 20th and 21st May 2023.

The entry period ends at 11:59 (JST) on Tuesday 28th March; in principle, up to one title per organization/group/individual can register for free. We look forward to receiving submissions from many game developers.

How to Enter「INDIE Live Expo 2023」

Please prepare the necessary information and materials, such as video files, text information and game assets, using the ‘entry form’ below, and submit your application by the deadline.

◆Entry Form:
◆Entry Deadline:March 1st (Wed) ~ March 28th (Tues) AM11:59 (JST)

After the entry period, the registration information will be checked and reviewed by the INDIE Live Expo Office. After the screening, we will inform you of the results around mid-April.
※We are planning to introduce around 200 games in the program.

Sponsoring and Supporting the Show

The INDIE Live Expo is looking for companies and organizations to support and cooperate with in order to make this initiative sustainable and expand it.

◆For sponsorship inquiries:

Enjoy the Show together as a Simulcaster!

We are looking for individuals & companies, regardless of language or platform, who wish to show their support for the show through the internet. Individuals & companies that cooperate with this can be introduced on the official website or the show.
Anyone is welcome to Simulcast. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

◆Simulcast Entry Form:

* You are free to simulcast as long as you do not distribute information that is defamatory of the INDIE Live Expo or detrimental to indie game users.

Register to 「INDIE Live Expo Letter」

The INDIE Live Expo Board publishes the INDIE Live Expo Letter, an e-newsletter for individual creators, developers and publishers to provide useful information on game promotion and development. If you are interested, please take this opportunity to register for the newsletter.

◆vol.7「INDIE Live Expo 2022」Report on the Game Pick-up plan, suitable for promoting single titles. Now specially available to public:
◆Register Here:

INDIE Live Expo 2023 Announced
◆Date  2023 May 20th (Sat), May 21st (Sun) (JST)
◆Plantform  YouTube Live, Twitter Live, Twitch, Other

Streamed in Japanese, English and Chinese
*More streaming platforms are planned to be added
For other up-to-date information, visit the official website, Twitter and Weibo accounts.
・Official Site:
・Official Twitter:
・Official Twitter (Eng):
・Official Weibo:

The INDIE Live Expo Board

It is a common-interest group that aims to let every gamer know about more ‘indie games’.
It was set up by Ryu’s Office, a marketing solution provider with the theme ‘Contribution to Gaming’, with the goal of running INDIE Live Expo.

CO-organizer/office:Ryu’s Office Inc.

Ryu’s Office offers in-depth marketing solutions for smartphone, console, arcade, and PC games in Japan. Wey are particularly focused on the planning and production of numerous live broadcasts based out of Japan for the gaming industry.