INDIE Live Expo 2023 to Unveil More Than 200 Titles, Details Plans of Two-Day Summer Showcase

INDIE Live Expo, the biannual live digital showcase connecting indie game fans all over the world with 70 million total views since its debut in 2020, today unveils the upcoming content schedule highlighting more than 200 indie games in the two-day indie extravaganza taking place on Saturday, May 20, and Sunday, May 21, 2023.

“Day 1” will showcase brand new, never-before-seen titles as well as unrevealed DLC, news and updates for known indie games. The rapid-fire “INDIE Waves” segments return for this summer’s activities, packing massive levels of content into bite-sized pieces. Tune in for special segments like deep dives on games hand-picked by the INDIE Live Expo Organizing Committee, and voyage on an international escapade with “INDIE Studios Around the World,” returning to shine a spotlight on international indie game scenes.


Day 2, dubbed “The Aftershow”, will feature long-form “let’s play” segments. Enjoy gameplay sessions with popular influencers and watch live gameplay of the latest indies the world has to offer.  Sponsors of this summer’s show include Cygames, Happinet, Preferred Networks, WhisperGames, and many more. 


INDIE Live Expo’s 2023 summer showcase aims to build upon the massively successful INDIE Live Expo Winter 2022 event which captured more than 16 million views with the help of more than 70 simulcasters. With this year’s 200-plus titles, Japan’s premiere indie showcase continues progressing towards the milestone of highlighting 2,000 indie titles since its inception in 2020.

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