INDIE Live Expo’s New Trailer Teases May 25th’s East-Meets-West Digital Showcase

INDIE Live Expo, Japan’s premiere online digital showcase series connecting indie game fans all over the world, gives gamers a glimpse of upcoming world premieres with a new teaser trailer for the upcoming May 25th showcase broadcasted in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean on YouTube, X, and Twitch at 1:00 AM PST / 5:00 PM JST.

2024’s blossoming batch of springtime indies take their turn in the spotlight. Witness world premieres and content updates across 100+ hand-picked titles within a variety of segments. Enjoy bite-sized “INDIE Waves” featuring multiple rapid-fire updates, extended looks at exclusive reveals during the “INDIE Live Premiere” presentation, and many more.

Catch the latest announcements from long-awaited titles such as Hotel Barcelona, the time-looping horror action game co-developed by Suda51 (Grasshopper Manufacture Inc, No More Heroes Series) and Swery65 (While Owl Inc., Deadly Premonition Series). Among INDIE Live Expo’s 100+ updates, tune in for news related to existing indie fan-favorites, including:

C.A.R.D.S. RPG: The Misty Battlefield, the new roguelike deckbuilder by ACQUIRE Corp.

PIGGY ONE SUPER SPARK, the hyperkinetic action platformer by Hanabushi and hako life

Boyhood’s End, the puzzle-filled story adventure by Why So Serious, Inc.

Omega Crafter, the automation-focused open-world crafting survival adventure by Preferred Networks

Witch and Lilies, the romantic JRPG dungeon-crawler by Stromatosoft Inc

Blade Chimera, the pixel art metroidvania by Team LadyBug (DRAINUS)

Kemono Teatime, the cozy tea shop simulator by Studio Lalala

Visit the Malaysian indie scene as INDIE Live Expo travels to Southeast Asia during this year’s “Indie Studios Around the World” segment. Emcee favorites make their return as INDIE Live Expo’s hosts. Take the ride alongside Kaori “Kaotan” Horiuchi, (AKIHABARA Backstage Pass),  veteran Japanese indie game YouTuber and presenter J-mon, and bilingual gaming influencer HighTensionGaijin.

Content creators of all sizes are invited to simulcast INDIE Live Expo here.

The INDIE Live Expo Official Discord Channel welcomes developers and consumers alike as a gathering place to discuss latest indie news. With direct access to developers, indie game fans can lend their voices to the creation and refinement of upcoming indies.

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