Accepting applications for “Weekly INDIE Waves,” a new project allowing anyone to casually introduce games to the world!

INDIE Live Expo is now accepting applications for titles to participate in the new “Weekly INDIE Waves,” a new program that allows anyone to introduce their games casually to the world.

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“Weekly INDIE Waves” is a project on the official INDIE Live Expo YouTube channel that will continue to showcase game videos in the INDIE Waves format 24/7.

Once a week, a new group of titles is added to the Weekly INDIE Waves video. The added titles will be featured in the video for four weeks, and will be replaced by the fifth group of added titles on the fifth week.

All that is required is a video of the game that is 30 seconds or less and the necessary text information. Unlike the regular INDIE Waves, there is no limit to the number of slots, so basically all the titles submitted for this project will be introduced.
*Titles must be free of material defects, not in violation of YouTube’s content guidelines, and not offensive to public order and morals.

The works that received a particularly positive response in “Weekly INDIE Waves” could be introduced again in “Monthly INDIE Waves” and the main “INDIE Live Expo.” Please apply from the URL below.

▼Application Form