「INDIE Live Expo Winter 2023」        Announces Cast Members & Awards Nominees; Sneak Peak of Featured Games!

The INDIE Live Expo Board, are announcing the lineup of casts for the “INDIE Live Expo Winter 2023,” a program introducing indie games to the world over two days, December 2nd and 3rd, 2023. We will also reveal the featured titles and the nominated titles for the “INDIE Live Expo Awards 2023,” which honors outstanding indie games.

“INDIE Live Expo Awards” is an award conducted within the same program since 2020 to recognize and honor outstanding indie games in collaboration with indie game players worldwide. This edition marks the fourth installment of the awards.

Introducing more than 100 games!

・Omega Crafter
・Boyhood’s End
・Witch and Lilies

Also newest information from『Fight Crab 2』and many other games including world premiere titles will be introduced.


Event Overview

Name: INDIE Live Expo Winter 2023
Date: December 2nd, 2023 & 3rd Each day begins 19:00~(JST)
Streaming platform:YouTube Live, Twitter Live, Twitch, Niconico, bilibili


Day 1 Content

INDIE Live Expo Winter 2023 will feature over 100 games, both released and unreleased, across various segments.

Planned segments include the INDIE Live Expo Awards 2023 announcement, Title Pickups, INDIE Waves, Publisher Selection, World Indie Studios, and INDIE Live Premiere.

Japanese Stream: Yamien/Chiaki Matsuzawa/waiwai/Masatoshi Tokuoka/Takayuki Furushima (INDIE Live Expo Reporter)
English Stream: Kaori Horiushi/J-mon
Chinese Stream: 雷電/蜥蜴君

■Stream URL


Day 2: Streamer Show content

In the “Streamer Show,” casts will enjoy current, trending indie games. Segments include “My Awards,” where they introduce the most fun games they played this year, “Pittari! Indie Games,” where they guess game prices, and play games in “PLAY GAMES”.

Japanese Stream:  ShoboSuke/waiwai/Ottiki/フルコン/ぐちつぼ
English Stream: Kaori Horiushi/J-mon/Highgai

■Stream URL


Announcing INDIE Live Expo Awards 2023 Nominees!

36 games have been nominated across 10 categories, including the ” Local Cultural Representation Award” for games strongly reflecting the creator’s origin, and the “Rules of Play Award” for games that introduced new gameplay.

During the main stream on December 2nd, the winners of each category will be announced, along with the “Grand Prize” for the game representing the year 2023. 

For details on each category and the nominated titles, please refer to the official website.
■INDIE Live Expo Awards 2023:

INDIE Live Expo公式Discord参加者募集!

The official INDIE Live Expo Discord, “Let’s Play Indie,” is now officially open!
This server is a place to find friends to play and discuss indie games with.

On December 1st (Friday), there will be a competition for the two-player mountain climbing game “Bread & Fred” for “simulcast” applicants.
The competition will feature a race to reach the highest altitude within a set time, and INDIE Live Expo staff members will live stream the event, helping participants appeal to viewers and promote themselves as active community members.

You can join the Discord server through the provided URL.


Streamers wanted!

INDIE Live Expo is looking for simulcasters (individuals, companies or outlets)  who will mirror-stream the show online. Anybody is welcome to join! See link for details
■Simulcast application form:

※ Individuals and companies that have participated may be introduced on the show’s website or during the stream.


Sponsoring Companies

“INDIE Live Expo” is seeking companies and organizations interested in sponsoring and cooperating to continue and expand this event. Opportunities include developing original segments, airing promotional videos, and displaying logos. Interested parties can contact us for more information.

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Supporting companies/Media partners

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