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INDIE Live Expo Letter vol.11

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This newsletter was created to provide useful information for developers on how to utilize INDIE Live Expo and tips that will benefit game developers.
In Vol.11 we will be reviewing INDIE Live Expo Winter 2023 and report on the promotional effectiveness of the「Title Pick-up」segment through data shared by participants.

*This data represents the aggregated values for the 8 days from December 2, 2023, to December 9, 2023.”

■Looking back at INDIE Live Expo Winter 2023

The event was held over two days: the first day focused on delivering the information about indie games, and the second day was dedicated to streamers delving into the fun of games.
For the first time, we organized a live audience participation, allowing people to attend the actual recording site.

In the program, we featured a total of 196 games, including segments like INDIE Waves, Game Pick-up, and introductions of Games on Sale on Steam. As of December 28th, the show has garnered a total of 10,723,142 views.

Notably, the viewership for Day 1, which focused on introducing new indie game information, was divided into 32.7% Japanese, 30.5% English, and 36.9% Chinese (all figures rounded down to two decimal places). This reflects our aim to share indie game news not just in Japan but globally. This time, we observed an increasing trend in Chinese viewership.

The archive of the show is available on the INDIE Live Expo YouTube channel


▼Title Pick-up segment

Title Pick-up is a segment specifically designed to promote a single title.
In addition to games being showcased in the show along with gameplay footage of up to 90 seconds, the game receives high exposure on every media related to INDIE Live Expo.
Among the titles that participated in our survey, the minimum number of wishlists obtained was over 6,500 with the maximum exceeding 25,000.

INDIE Live Expo provides various sponsor plans and “Pick-up” is created through data analysis from past events to especially boost individual games.
We will continue to provide this plan, so if you are interested in promoting a specific game, please consider contacting us.


▼Analysis of the impact from exposure through commercials

This segment shows videos longer than 15 seconds. During INDIE Live Expo Winter 2023, we
allocated 4 commercial slots on Day 1, and 2 on Day 2 for this purpose.
Of the 8 titles that participated in our survey, 7 succeeded in acquiring over 1,000 wishlists.


▼Analysis of the impact from exposure through INDIE Waves

「INDIE Waves」is a segment where we introduce a mass number of games in 15 second successions, and for this show we provided time for the casts to talk about games that made an impression, which created a time for the viewers to remember the games. This could have led to the following results of, out of the 42 titles that participated in the survey 10 titles acquired over 1,000 wishlists.
We have received more feedback than usual from the exhibitors, voicing that they experienced significant exposure effects.


▼Exposure on the Steam front page

Coinciding with the event, we held a Steam sale from 12:00 on 12/2 to 3:00 on 12/9 (JST), with over 280 games participating. Over the 2 days of the show, an event-banner was placed on the Steam front page and garnered a large number of impressions.


▼Call for Sponsors and Cooperating Companies

We are seeking the support and collaboration of companies and organizations that are willing to sponsor and contribute to the ongoing and expanding of the show. We welcome inquiries regarding opportunities for original segments, videos/ads during the show, logo placements, and more. Please feel free to contact us for further information.


▼Please feel free to contact the following URL for further inquiries.

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