INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021 Event Lineup & Details TV Commercial airing in Japan!

The INDIE Live Expo Board would like to bring you the latest information on「INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021」which is scheduled on November 6th 2021 (Sat)

<INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021 TV Commercial with Content Creator waiwai as the Narrator>

A day before INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021 there will be a TVCM broadcasted in Japan.The mascot of INDIE Live Expo Lex-kun will be announcing the show in the TVCM.The narrator of the CM is waiwai who was fantastic in the previous event. Be sure to check what he has provided us this time.

■TVCM broadcasting details

Please tune in if you reside in the range of the broadcast.

  • Channel:TOKYO MX
  • Date:Friday November 5th, 2021
  • Time:Between 23:30~24:00(JST)

LEX-kun will be jumping and dancing around while bringing you the news! Enjoy!

<Streamers and Media Partners from around the world joining with Simulcast!>

At「INDIE Live Expo」we welcome content creators and media partners from around the world, so more can enjoy the show.
「INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021」welcomes the following content creators and media partners as official simulcaster’s and would like to thank them.
We hope you will enjoy「INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021」on the official channel and on the platform or channel of your liking.

■Simulcaster’s (random order)※At the time of October 31st, 2021

Name Stream URL
Philip H Motes
Egor Stupnikov
Yuunagi Melon
Vtuber anemick
Fin’s recommend games
Humino Yomiyama
Eisu of Justice
Izuruha Ivanka
Natsumi Moe

<INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021 Content Creator waiwai is Joining!>

In addition to the members we announced, “waiwai” who is a favorite of the show, will be joining us!Please look forward to INDIE Live Expo on November 6th with the great members that will surely make the show magnificent!

<Request for Sponsorship/Cooperation>

In order to help ensure that INDIE Live Expo can thrive to support indie games, we continue to look for companies/groups that can sponsor/collaborate INDIE Live Expo.
We can provide merits such as original segment development, broadcasting of announcement/advertisement videos, and logo display.
Please feel free to contact us with any info on indie games or info/enterprises/groups that would be of benefit or interest to indie gamers.

<Broadcast Supporters Wanted>

We are on the lookout for companies and individuals who would be interested in running online simulcasts of the broadcast, regardless of language or platform.

◆Simulcast application form:

Support broadcasts are welcome from anyone and everyone. If even slightly interested, please feel free to contact us at your leisure。
※「As long as no slander/defamation with regard to “INDIE Live Expo” and/or information/content detrimental to indie games and indie game users is contained in the simulcast, we are happy to allow free and unlimited use of simulcasts for the broadcast.

For the latest info, please check our official Twitter and Weibo feeds.